ISKIMOS Kickboxing Academy & Fitness Training Center

World Class Kickboxing in Hyderabad

ISKIMOS also known as Hyderabad Kickboxing Club, is THE PREMIER place to learn and train professional kickboxing in Hyderabad. If you want to lose weight, burn fat, build strength and have fun while achieving your fitness goals, then you've found the right place. Come join us for a free Demo class.

HKC also provides Kung Fu instructional classes to kids from the age of 10. ISKIMOS Kickboxing was founded in 2000 by Grand Master Nasar Bin Ahmed Alay (Ninja) and Master Suresh Patil (National Kickboxing Gold Medalist).

Do you want to loose weight, burn fat and get fit?

The facility offers fitness training in strength & conditioning, cardio, endurance, flexibility, bodyweight and functional movement training. HKC is not just any other place. It's the BEST place to achieve your fitness goals

It's time to change up your fitness routine with the best workouts to help you lose weight, tone muscle, increase energy and learn self defense.

Why Train at Hyderabad Kickboxing Club?

- Years of training experience
- Realistic training by experts
- Offers more classes
- Safe and fun environment
- No need to buy expensive equipments/gear
- Burn fat, lose weight & tone your body at the same time
- Increase flexibility, strength, endurance
- Increase self-confidence
- Great stress relieving workouts
- We promote honor, discipline, respect and comradeship